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Project Description

This project's purpose is to enable adding drag & drop file upload functionality to business entities forms and Dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, both Online and on-premise.

Drag and Drop demo.gif

Using the Solution

1. Download, import and publish the Drag & Drop File Upload solution
2. Add a Web Resource control to any business entity form
3. In the Web Resource form, make sure the “Pass record object-type code…” option is checked
4. Set the Web Resource format to span over 13 rows at least
5. Map the Web Resource control to the dyn_DnDFileUploadArea.htm Web Resource
6. Save & publish

You can adapt this solution to earlier Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions by changing the createRecord function in the dyn_DnDServices.js Web Resource to use the OrgannizationData Service (REST) or the Organization Service (SOAP) to create a Note (Annotation) record.

More details in this solution can be found in the following post:

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